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    Reproductive System Articles, Female Infertility Research Articles
    Male Reproductive Disorders, Male Infertility Study, Reproductive Journal
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    Female Reproductive Disorders, Infertility Studies, Sexual Journal
    Male & Female Reproductive Systems & Sexual Disorders
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    Editorial Board Scientific Associations
    Ezechi oliver Chukwujekwu

    Member, Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of Nigeria [SOGON]
    Member, New HIV Vaccine and Microbicide Advocacy Society [NHVMAS]
    Member, American Society for Reproductive Medicine [ASRM]
    Member, International AIDS Society [IAS]
    Member, Society for TB at the Grassroot [SOTAG]
    Member, Malaria Society of Nigeria [MSN]
    West African College of Surgeon [WACS]
    National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria [NPMCN]
    Member, Nigeria Institute of Management [NIM]
    Member, Institute of Personnel Management [IPM]
    European Society for Reproduction & Embryology [ESRE]

    Tin-Lap Lee

    Member, Society for Clinical and Translational Science (SCTS)
    Member, NIH Fellows Editorial Board
    Member, The Science Advisory Board (SAB)
    Active Member. American Association for Cancer Research
    Member, Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS)
    Secretary, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Alumni in Washington D.C
    Associate Member, American Association for Cancer Research
    Honorary Secretary, The Hong Kong Telemedicine Association

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