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Peer reviewer registration

Information for reviewers
Credible peer review is the foundation of scholarly publishing. If you are, or wish to be, a peer reviewer for a OMICS Group Open Access journal please read this page carefully. Direct any questions to the Managing Editor
Registering as a reviewer
Do you wish to register as a peer reviewer ? Or are you already a registered peer reviewer and need to update your contact details? To register or update your details visit the
peer reviewer registration form
Applicants must be able to demonstrate at least five years of continuous experience in the journal's subject area including at least two in the previous 24 months.
Registering as an Editorial member
Do you wish to register as a editorial member? Or are you already a registered editorial member and need to update your contact details? To register or update your details visit the Editorial Member registration form
The peer reviewer's role
In essence, reviewers are asked to act in a fair, objective and constructive manner to maintain quality standards and help authors to communicate their research.
Points to consider:
Reviewers are asked to provide thoughtful and unbiased feedback to authors to ensure that the conclusions of papers are valid and supported by the data and manuscripts achieve reasonable standards of scholarliness and intelligibility.
Referencing and readability:
Authors should acknowledge previous work in the field and papers should be read without any unreasonable difficulty.
Suitability for the journal:
Papers should fit comfortably within the scope of the journal.
Validation of data:
In areas of genuinely novel research issues may be raised which cannot immediately be resolved and absolutely rigorous validation of data therefore may not be possible.
Time frame for completion:
Reviews should be completed within 2 - 3 weeks.
Submitting a review
Please submit your review through our website using the login details provided. Please do not submit your review by email.

Login to OMICS Group Online Submission, Review and Tracking System / Editorial Manager Online Submission, Review and Tracking System using the details provided to you.
Conflicts of interest
You may not undertake a peer review on a submission if you are unable to do so objectively.
You may not undertake a peer review on a submission if you have, or have had in the last 12 months, any commercial associations or financial interests which may be construed as posing a conflict of interest, including but not limited to consultancies, employment, expert testimony, honoraria, retainers, stock holdings or options, and memberships on boards of for-profit organizations with a financial interest in the work under review.
If you need to declare a conflict of interest with respect to a paper you have been asked to review please inform the Managing Editor promptly.
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