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OMICS Group International | Scientific Association Alliance | List of Collaborations

OMICS Group International ventured into Scientific Alliance, has already signed agreement with more than 100 scientific associations worldwide to make health care and scientific information open access. This brings together a platform for global networking among the community through shared resources and working together in multifarious key areas.

Why is it beneficial to collaborate with OMICS?
"Scientific Alliance: Affiliate your Association/Society with the journal to increase virtual
presence and enjoy a host of discounts in publishing articles and attending related conferences".
  • Increased capacity, quality and strength of performing to reach your goals.
  • Discovery of existing strengths and resources to improve organizations performance.
  • Improving the membership of Organization for better scientific community.
  • Pooling of both tangible and information-based resources.
  • Bridging the gap in and coordination of existing services.
  • Shared leadership, decisions, ownership, vision and responsibility.
  • Build broader support and reach a wider audience.
  • Research and analyses that is broader in scope and more expansive in detail than those done by a single organization in isolation.
OMICS recognize the value in learning and sharing from others to make our organization more efficient.

OMICS Group International WorldWide Collaborations
Benefits on Mutual Collaboration including
  • Our Journal related to your scientific research will be the official Journal of the association in our web page.
  • The Journal will include a tab redirecting to more information about your association.
  • The web page shall contain a link redirecting to the membership page of your association, such that our editorial board members and authors can easily view details on the same.
  • The members of your association can publish their research in the Journal at a nominal cost.
  • Email Blasts- Campaigns on behalf of your association for the Journal.
  • Organizing annual meetings/conferences for your association.
  • Opportunity to organize workshops at our events.
  • Media Visibility through Conferences, Journals and e-books web pages.
  • Displaying Business logo in the event paraphernalia and areas around the event space as per your requirement.
  • Special Group discounts to association members who attend our events.