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Medicinal Chemistry

Open Access
ISSN: 2161-0444
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About the Journal

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Medicinal Chemistry is an academic journal deals with the facets of Chemistry and Pharmacoanalysis and the chemical analysis of compounds in the form of like small organic molecules such as insulin glargine, erythropoietin, and others. It also helps in developing new chemical entities from existing compounds that are of medicinal and therapeutic effect. The process involves seclusion and identification of the entities and their probable effect on the specific target and might include a computational or synthetic observation of the underlying agents. Medicinal chemistry is a scholarly Open Access journal and aims to publish the most complete and reliable source of information on the advanced and very latest research topics in the related field.
The domain of Medicinal Chemistry has witnessed a steady increase with the emergence of medical and other disciplines, and progress has been made in mass spectrometry and population pharmacokinetics. There is a huge need to disseminate the findings in the best manner through an accessible medium for researchers, academicians, laboratory personnel, chemists, druggists, and pathologists alike. The open access journal provides a free and unrestricted access to the published findings in the concerned domain. The removal of copyright barriers to the flow of scientific information under the norms of open access is aimed at informing and educating about the latest research in associated discipline.
Open access scientific literature in chemistry allows instant reference by academicians and researchers under the norms of Bethesda Statement. The number of references and citations are crucial as those also indicate the level of significance of research findings in Medicinal Chemistry. Key areas addressed in the subject include molecular biology, pharmacognosy, and the means of analysis that include statistics and combinatory principles. The norms of the Bethesda Statement allow transmission, copying, distribution, and querying on articles published in OMICS Group Medicinal Chemistry journal. Open Access Publishing should be seen as a means of accelerating scientific discovery by providing free and unrestricted access of scientific knowledge via the Internet.
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The open access of Medicinal Chemistry journal undergoes a peer-review process for individual manuscripts submitted by respective research authors. The journal is assigned to the concerned editorial board members who evaluate manuscripts against the guidelines using the editorial tracking system or the online editorial manager. An article is published in the Medicinal Chemistry journal after acceptance and clearance. This enables regular publication of the findings in the medicinal chemistry domain through open access platform. The published articles are freely available through online without any restrictions or any other subscriptions to researchers worldwide.


Submit manuscript at http://www.editorialmanager.com/chemistryjournals/ or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at editor.medicinalchemistry@omicsonline.org



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