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Life Sciences Journals

The best Open Access Journal on Life Sciences of OMICS Group International Provide an important service to the global scholarly community. It offers valuable opportunities to scholarly community by offering a platform to publish their work quickly without sacrificing quality in peer-review through the Editorial Manager System bimonthly. The aim of the Life Sciences journal is to become the primary source of high quality research from all over the world. Life sciences Journals focuses on specific research discipline, contributing resourceful and impactful platform where research joins together with technology.
List of Life Science Journals
Advanced Techniques in Biology & Medicine  Open Access
Advancements in Genetic Engineering  Open Access
Advances in Crop Science & Technology  Open Access
Advances in Dairy Research  Open Access
Aging Science Open Access
Agrotechnology Open Access
Air & Water Borne Diseases Open Access
Antivirals & Antiretrovirals Antivirals & Antiretrovirals Journal - Indexed in SCOPUS Open Access
Autism-Open Access  Official Journal of Autism Community Network
Bacteriology & Parasitology  Bacteriology & Parasitology Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Biochemistry & Physiology  Open AccessBiochemistry and Analytical Biochemistry Journal - Indexed in CAS
Biochemistry & Analytical Biochemistry  Biochemistry and Analytical Biochemistry Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
BioDiscovery Open Access
Bioenergetics Open Access
Bioengineering & Biomedical Science Bioengineering & Biomedical Science Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access, Official Journal of International Frequency Sensors Association
Biofertilizers & Biopesticides Open Access
Biological Systems Open Access
Biometrics & Biostatistics Biometrics & Biostatistics Journal - Indexed in EBSCO Open Access
Biomimetics Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Open Access
Biomolecular Research & Therapeutics  Open Access
Bioremediation & Biodegradation Bioremediation & Biodegradation Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Biosafety Open Access
Biosafety & Health Education  Open Access, Official Journal of National Biosafety Association (ANBio)
Biosensors & Bioelectronics Biosensors & Bioelectronics Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access, Official Journal of International Frequency Sensors Association
Biosensors Journal Open Access
Biotechnology & Biomaterials Biotechnology & Biomaterials Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Bioterrorism & Biodefense Bioterrorism & Biodefense Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Cell & Developmental Biology Open Access
Current Synthetic & Systems Biology Open Access
Cellular & Molecular Biology Oral Health and Dental Management Journal - Indexed in MEDLINE Open Access
Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology Open Access
Enzyme Engineering Open Access
Fermentation Technology Fermentation Technology Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access, Official Journal of Italo-Latin American Society of Ethnomedicine
Fertilization: In Vitro - IVF-Worldwide  Open Access, Official journal of IVF World Wide
Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal  Open Access
Forest Research Open Access
Fungal Genomics & Biology Fungal Genetics and Biology Journal - Indexed in EBSCO Open Access
Gene Technology  Open Access
Glycobiology Open Access
Horticulture Open Access
Homeopathy & Ayurvedic Medicine Open Access
International Journal of Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation Open Access
International Journal of Biodiversity, Bioprocessing and Development Open Access
Lasers, Optics & Photonics Open Access
Marine Science: Research & Development Marine Science: Research & Development Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Membrane Science & Technology Membrane Science & Technology Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Microbial & Biochemical Technology Microbial & Biochemical Technology Journal - Indexed in SCOPUS Open Access
Molecular Biology Open Access
Molecular Imaging & Dynamics Molecular Imaging & Dynamics Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Journal - Indexed in SCOPUS Open Access
Nutrition & Food Sciences Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Journal - Indexed in THOMSON REUTERS Open Access
Plant Pathology & Microbiology Plant Pathology & Microbiology Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Primatology Primatology Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Probiotics & Health Open Access
Rice Research: Open Access 
Single Cell Biology  Open Access
Sociology & Criminology-Open Access
Tissue Science & Engineering Tissue Science & Engineering Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Tropical Diseases  Open Access
Veterinary Science & Technology Veterinary Science & Technology Journal - Indexed in SCOPUS Open Access
Vitamins & Minerals  Open Access
Virology & Mycology Open Access
OMICS Group International is an open access online publishing group which has 400 Journals, organizes 300 Conferences per year, have around 30000 Editorial Board members and 1000 Associations.

These Journals make a quick review of manuscripts and intimate the authors within three weeks of submission with the help of 3000 editorial team and review board which is ready to offer timely, useful and informative results. Most of the peer-reviewed Life sciences Journals of OMICS Group is indexed in famous indexing services like PubMed, ISI, Scopus, AGORA, Gale, ProQuest, Chemical Abstracts, and HINARI etc. All the articles published in the Life Sciences journals of OMICS Group are permanently archived in the repositories of respective peer reviewed journals thus providing unrestricted use and application of the scientific information.

Journals on Life sciences are typically multidisciplinary, comprising of all fields of sciences that involve scientific studies related to living organisms, fundamental aspects of biology and recent technological advances are the thrust of most of the scientific life sciences journals. Research works on both basic and applied sciences are considered for publication focused on topics related to the application of advanced research and novel technologies. Life sciences journals provide the most comprehensive report on the basic molecular, cellular, and physiological mechanisms underlying the biological systems.

OMICS scholarly life sciences journals emphasize on understanding the structural and functional aspects of biological processes and their interactions with environment. In an attempt to broaden the scope of life sciences research and its applications, the publishing house listed 58 scientific journals relating to all major fields of life sciences. It particularly favors original peer-reviewed articles of high quality research that can create an impact in the scientific world. This Journal on life sciences are available online and are freely accessible as they are published under an Open Access system. OMICS Journal on Life Sciences publishes articles pertaining to key research areas in plant sciences, microbiology, animal science, environmental science, medical science, biotechnology, food and nutrition, nanotechnology, biochemistry, physical therapies, physiology, virology, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, bioengineering, marine sciences, and other related areas.

These top best open access journals having good Impact Factors which aims to publish most complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current developments in the mode of original, review articles, editorials, case reports, short communications, commentary, etc. in all areas of the clinical field and making them freely available through online without any restrictions or any other subscriptions to researchers worldwide.
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