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Engineering Journals

OMICS Group International is an intercalation of 400 free medical journals, scientific journals, academic journals and 300 plus conferences working hand in hand. The journals of Omics Group International are supported by 30,000 Editorial Board Members who are adepts in their corresponding field, and more than 1000 associations. Environmental Journal is one among the nine groups of academic and scientific open access journals.
List of Engineering Journals
Advances in Automobile Engineering Open Access
Advances in Robotics & Automation Open Access
Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering Open Access, Official Journal of Brazilian Association of Ultra lights
Applied & Computational Mathematics  Open Access
Applied Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Hybrid Open Access Published by SciTechnol
Applied Mechanical Engineering Open Access
Architectural Engineering Technology Open Access
Astrophysics & Aerospace Technology Open Access
Biochips & Tissue Chips Open Access
Bioprocessing & Biotechniques Bioprocessing & Biotechniques Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Chemical Engineering & Process Technology Chemical Engineering & Process Technology Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access
Civil & Environmental Engineering  Civil & Environmental Engineering Journal - Indexed in EBSCO Open Access
Computer Science & Systems Biology Open Access
Computer Engineering & Information Technology Hybrid Open Access Published by SciTechnol
Electrical & Electronic Systems Open Access
Electrical Engineering & Electronic Technology Hybrid Open Access Published by SciTechnol
Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering Hybrid Open Access Published by SciTechnol
Food Processing & Technology Food Processing & Technology Journal - Indexed in CAS Open Access, Official Journal of Italo-Latin American Society of Ethnomedicine
Forensic Biomechanics Open Access
Geology & Geosciences Geology & Geosciences Journal - Indexed in EBSCO Open Access
Global Journal of Technology and Optimization Open Access
Geophysics & Remote sensing Open Access
Generalized Lie Theory and Applications Open Access
Industrial Engineering & Management Open Access
Information Technology & Software Engineering Information Technology & Software Engineering Journal - Indexed in EBSCO Open Access
International Journal of Advance Innovations, Thoughts & Ideas Open Access
International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data Communications Open Access
Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering Open Access
Lovotics Open Access
Material Sciences & Engineering Open Access
Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation Technology Hybrid Open Access Published by SciTechnol
Physical Mathematics Open Access
Powder Metallurgy & Mining Open Access
Telecommunications System & Management  Open Access
Textile Science & Engineering Textile Science & Engineering Journal - Indexed in EBSCO Open Access
Vortex Science and Technology Open Access
OMICS Group peer reviewed Engineering Journals are dedicated to serve the scientific community with the latest updates in the relevant fields free of cost, with the support of nearly 1500 highly qualified editorial board members. Most of the OMICS Group scholarly Engineering Journals are indexed in famous indexing services like ProQuest, EBSCO, CAS, Index Copernicus, SHERPA-Romeo, Journal Seek, Ulrich’s, Google Scholar, OARE, Open J-Gate, GALE, etc. All the articles published in Open Access Engineering Journals are permanently archived in respective peer reviewed journal’s repository, thus providing unrestricted supply of scientific information.

OMICS Group publishes 350 of which about 22 are Engineering Journals. They accept manuscripts from various related concepts in engineering and technology. All OMICS engineering journals are peer-reviewed and dedicated to report new developments and ongoing research in the field of engineering sciences. The articles published in these journals attain a very high impact factor.

Excellent review process is performed by the editorial board members and peer reviewers/outside experts through the online system like Editorial Manager System/Editorial Tracking System. Engineering journals are international scientific best open access journals, providing a platform for advances in engineering field.

Akin to other fields of sciences, engineering is a broad and multidisciplinary science that is divided into a number of related sub-disciplines. The discipline of Engineering is divided into four major branches that include chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. Apart from these branches, OMICS top best open access engineering journals focus on several other key areas including but not limited to nanotechnology, automobile engineering, robotics, aeronautics, information technology, architecture, physics, bioengineering, food technology, remote sensing, nuclear engineering, environmental aspects, and atmospheric and geological sciences. Scientists, engineers, and students can benefit equally and significantly from the publications of OMICS academic engineering journals and use the information for the advancement of science and technology.
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