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Journal of Ecosystem & Ecography

Open Access
ISSN: 2157-7625
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Volume 4, Issue 1
Editorial:  J Ecosyst Ecogr 2014, 4:e118
doi: 10.4172/2157-7625.1000e118
Entering the Age of Simultaneous Diagnosis and Treatment by Using Low-Intensity Ultrasound Energy

Makoto Emoto

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Research Article:  J Ecosyst Ecogr 2014, 4:138
doi: 10.4172/2157-7625.1000138
Attitude and Perceptions of Local Residents toward the Protected Area of Abijata-Shalla Lakes National Park (ASLNP), Ethiopia

Tewodros Kumssa and Afework Bekele

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Research Article:  J Ecosyst Ecogr 2014, 4:139
doi: 10.4172/2157-7625.1000139
Phytoplankton Abundance Constrains Planktonic Energy Subsidy to Benthic Food Web

Peiyu Zhang1, Huijuan Tang, Zhijun Gong, Ping Xie and Jun Xu

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Research Article:   J Ecosyst Ecogr 2014, 4:140
doi: 10.4172/2157-7625.1000140
Impact of Overgrazing on Semiarid Ecosystem Soil Properties: A Case Study of the Eastern Hovsgol Lake Area, Mongolia

Qinxue Wang and Ochirbat Batkhishig

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Short Communication:  J Ecosyst Ecogr 2014, 4:141
doi: 10.4172/2157- 7625.1000141
Satellite Techniques Use in Study of Ecology and Migration of Animal in Yakutia (Northeast Asia)

Germogenov NI, Okhlopkov IM, Solomonov NG1, Tatsudzava S, Kirillin RA, Nikolayev EA and Vladimirtseva MV

 |  Full-text |  PDF |
Research Article:  J Ecosyst Ecogr 2014, 4:142
doi: 10.4172/2157-7625.1000142
Species Composition, Diversity and Population Dyanamics of Phytoplankton at Saderkot in Wular Lake, Kashmir

Aaliya Ismat Baba and Ashok K Pandit

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